Jászai square, Budapest, Hungary

Lamps are so much more than lighting sources. If chosen carefully, they can enhance interiors to a great extent. Just take a look at this grand, classic beauty of an apartment in Budapest downtown, Jászai Mari square.

Their owners appreciate art, literature and also practicality by choosing lamps for every purpose and occasion. We cannot stress enough how illumination still doesn’t get attention it deserves, but there’s good news; we provide lamps for all ideas, purposes and functions, be it reading, working or just spending quality time with your loved ones. Our company will give you the best of two worlds; functionality and beauty. They will be like earrings on an elegant and timeless lady.

Apartment in Budapest Downtown, Jaszai Mari square

Apartment in Budapest Downtown, Jaszai Mari square The spacious apartments in the downtown of Budapest are certainly known for their grandeur, but the sometimes strange floor plan and the almost palatial room height present challenges for interior designers. The interior designer in charge of the Jászai Mari square apartment project took meticulous care of choosing the elements which would go best in accordance with the owner’s ideas of classical style. The professional has worked with our company before, so for him the choice on lamps was not questioned; right in the process of designing he contacted our sales team. In order to make the interior even more stunning and impressive, he had five Art Deco lamps in mind. Once the order was confirmed, the standard six week-production process started. The exclusive lamps were delivered by our colleagues to the overjoyed apartment owner some time in 2015.

Lamps purchased for the projects are as follows; Nizza chandelier I, Montreal chandelier I, Petitot floor lamp, matching Petitot pendant and table lamp IX. As per the owner’s wishes, we created a the chandelier with long stems to enhance the aesthetic function and more optimal light distribution.

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