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About Us We have been making craft lamps since 1981

In 1981, my father, György Károlyi, found the first pieces with special fascination: he bought old, original, patinated chandeliers and lamps at auctions and fairs.

They were all overwhelmed by the elegance, atmosphere, and mysterious history of their time. It was as if they were telling a story ... At first, we just refurbished these lamps so we could sell them, but these old-fashioned, valuable pieces soon became our passion. Within 5 years, we started our own production and our repertoire already included almost 20 new models.

The style, artistic elaboration and sublime atmosphere of the patinated lamps attracted art-savvy, discerning buyers. Soon a customer base of Hungarian, German and Austrian antique dealers formed around the lamps. Within a short time, we gained recognition and became an expert in lamps in Hungary. When we opened the first showroom in the city center in 1999, it welcomed 40 m2, while its production department was 200 m2 and employed 5 people.

The lamps have been individually arranged into families, and the chandeliers then in existence have been supplemented with the same wall lamp, ceiling lamp and floor lamp versions in style and form. Patinated lamp families are still a unique concept in this profession, and their existence is almost intertwined with the name of our company.
In 2006, my father retired from the business of the company. The bold changes began in the life of the company.
Our store was expanded to 140 m2, with the help of a renowned interior designer, it became an elegant and at the same time special showroom, a patinated lamp salon. Lamps, chandeliers on the walls, on the ceiling almost invite visitors, lending a very special milieu to the place.

Best Regards,
Károlyi Csaba

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