Our lamps are gems for special interiors.

Patinas lamps:


Extraordinary glow for extraordinary interiors

Do you throw parties? Do you socialise a lot? Do you welcome many guests in your  grand livingroom?

Patinas lamps are jewels for extraordinary places: they fill elegant, tasteful   homes and organisational buildings with extra glow which makes them even more special.
When your guests enter a room, they usually make an overall picture of it, where the furniture and the decoration adds up to an impression.
However, our lamps are not just a part of an impression, they are more than that. They stand out with their beauty their owner can pride himself on.
Your guests will admire your taste and they may be even a bit envious.
Patinas lamps are just like you: they are elegant, sophisticated and appealing. With buying ourlamps, you represent high standars, just as we do.
Patinas lamps are jewels for a home
Patinas lamps give your home much more than mere light.  Either turned on or off, they provide the room with special atmosphere, giving it a sublime and mysterious touch.
Patinas lamps are made manually, based on unique plans, using carefully chosen, high-quality materials, therefore they represent value for long years to come, even a century. For this reason we  give you a 10 year guarantee on each and every one of our lamps.
Be it a chandelier, floor lamp or a wall light,  our salon is looking forward to presenting you its exclusive assortment.
Learn how our lamps are made, and see this link for references.


Ideas for lighting
What are the most important aspects of choosing the right lamp?
Your home expresses you personality: the lighting, its atmosphere, the character of the lamps (playful or sublime?) mirrors your personality.
In order to  create a truly individual home, your first important goal is to choose the most ideal lighting. It is worth making a decision about where to place a lamp right during the process of interior planning.  Choose the given lamp in time, so you will know how it looks in the given interior.
Lighting is just as important as any other element of home design such as furniture or carpets. Well-chosen lighting can affect our mood in a positive way.
You should light up something that you want to emphasize!
In most homes, lighting is equal with a central chandelier, and nothing else. However,  lighting design has so much more to offer.


When thinking about the right lighting, you should consider the five folllowing aspects:
Function: what is the function of the given room?
Style: is the furniture classical, modern or eclectic?
Highlighted objects: which objects do you wish to highlight?
Sitting area: where do you want to sit?
Atmosphere: what atmosphere do you  want to achieve?
-The main purpose of modern lighting is giving ideal lighting conditions to daily activities such as reading, learning or cooking.
-The next aim is highlighting a a treasured element of interior design  like a  a piece of furniture, a beautiful stucco, a rare plant or a valuable painting. With the right lamp you can be sure that the given object gets desired attention.
-In the usually small halls spacial sensation can be increased by placing indirect light sources on the side walls and ceiling.
-The living room deserves special attention, because it is multifunctional. This is where you read, watch TV,  chat with your guests and where you also keep your most treasured objects like a statue, prize,  china cabinet or a vase. This requries a carefully planned concept during lamp planning. The base is usually a general lighting measuring 200-250 lux, which provides convenient light,combined with other light sources such as wall lights.
-The best solution for local lighting is a well-chosen floor lamp.
-In the kitchen, you shed light on the walls and vertical elemenst of the cupboards. Lighting the worktop and the dining table is equally important.
-In the childern’s room or a study it is higly important to supply a desk with local lighting: choose a suitable lamp for this task.
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